We are so excited to be starting our new season of music for Spring. As stated before, our first rehearsal will be January 26th at 4:30. We have arranged to increase our rehearsal window with the Ed Brown Center to start at 4:00 instead of 4:30. We will still start our regular rehearsals at 4:30, but will use the extra half hour for “specials” or soloist rehearsals prior to our start time.

There are 9 new pieces of music this season with lots of fun things planned.  We decided to purchase the SAB version for some of these new pieces where we thought it makes sense to simplify. We are working on the parts recordings for all of the music.

Dues must be paid before picking up your music. You may pay in advance on the web or in person before rehearsal with cash or a check.

See you Thursday at 4:30 in the Ed Brown Center!



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